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The Oldest Bottle of Cider Is No More

You hear a lot about people finding historic vintages of wine, and lots of people claim to have the oldest bottle of wine or wine variety. But where is the oldest bottle of cider?

Evidently three meters below ground, in the rubble of a bombed out house.


Source: The Sun

One bottle of still-drinkable cider from World War II was recently found in Bath, England. Chris Kilminster was able to get the recovered bottle of still-fizzy cider from the site of his family’s home which was destroyed in 1942. He said he, “must have the oldest bottle of cider in the world….”

He’s probably right about that. When was the last time you heard about an ancient bottle of cider being found? This is probably the first time.

That’s because cider was meant to be drunk, not cellared. Even Kilminster opened his bottle as soon as he could.

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