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Upcoming Presentation at the 2nd Annual PA Cider Fest

On June 24th at 1 pm I’ll be presenting a new talk, “Never Far From the Tree, or Recent Cider Trends That Aren’t So Recent” at the 2nd Annual Pennsylvania Cider Fest.
For more information and tickets check out http://www.paciderfest.com/

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Upcoming Presentation at Newlin Grist Mill

Newlin Grist MillOn June 10th, at 3 pm as part of the Newlin Series I will be presenting my talk “Cider: Pennsylvania’ Once (and Future?) Favorite” followed by a tasting of select Blackledge Winery ciders at Newlin Grist Mill in Glen Mills, PA.

Advance registration is requested. For questions, or to register, please call 610.459.2359 or email info@newlingristmill.org.

Cost: $5/members, $7/non-members

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Pressing Memories

In the last few months I’ve given my cider presentation, “Cider: Pennsylvania’s Once (& Future?) Favorite” to several civic and museum groups. I enjoy these talks. I get to share a little cider history with folks, I get ideas for new areas to explore or add to the talk, and I even do a little advertising for the Blackledge ciders. Most importantly though, I learn from the audience.

These public presentations are not the place for intense, academic study. Instead, I try to share a survey of cider history and the current growth of cider. Originally this talk was 45 minutes, with a few minutes left over for questions. Over time, I have added information and shortened the program. This leaves time for the Q&A session to be more conversational. This has been interesting to me since it turns out domestic cider production is not as historic as my early-American focus has led me to think.

Many of my audiences are what demographers call “seniors.” Almost all are from Pennsylvania. It wasn’t that long ago that much of the state was heavily agricultural. Making cider on the farm and at home is still within living memory for many. And boy, do they share their memories.

These stories (oral histories, really) are replete with family and neighbors making cider in their basements, barns, and garages. Sometimes they traded their cider locally, sometimes it was for their own use. The memories of picking and pressing apples as children return and with them a surprise that what they did as kids has been done by kids for centuries. As you might expect, there are occasional misconceptions over what their adult memories of their childhood selves think they saw or heard.

Even so, it’s pleasant for them to remember and for me to listen and realize that for some, the  “back then” of cidermaking wasn’t that long ago.

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Upcoming Cider Festival Presentation


Noon to 4 pm, Saturday, June 25th.

I’m a very last-minute addition to the PA Cider Fest workshop schedule. My presentation, “Old Cider in New Bottles: Researching and Recreating Historical Cider” will be at 2:30 pm.



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Upcoming Cider Pecha Kucha


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A Pecha Kucha is described as “the art of concise presentations.” And “concise” it is: presenters have a maximum of 20 slides and 20 seconds per slide. The whole presentation lasts 6 minutes and 40 seconds.

On Friday, June 17th, I’m presenting an abridged version of “Cider: America’s Once and Future Favorite” for PechaKucha Easton Volume 5. Doors open at 6, presentations start at 7. Suggested donation of $2.

Alas, there are no free cider samples at this one.


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Upcoming Cider Talk With Blackledge Winery

On Saturday, April 30th at 1 pm Damian Siekonic, owner and winemaker at Blackledge Winery, and I are presenting “Early America’s Favorite Drink: Researching and Recreating Historical (Hard) Cider” an overview of early American cider production and consumption and our work on recreating early ciders at the Sigal Museum in Easton, PA.

For more information check out http://sigalmuseum.org/schedule-of-events/

The talk is free and open to the public.



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