Cider History Roadshows

Cider was once the most important beverage in America, but our relationship to it has been interrupted. Through illustrated presentations combining history, science, and humor (but not math*), I offer audiences an appreciation for our past and current cider culture. All presentations are geared toward a general audience, with stories even cider enthusiasts will find new and fascinating.

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* Actually, there is a little math.


Current Presentations Include

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Cider: Pennsylvania’s Once (& Future?) Favorite
Touching on everything from William Penn to Prohibition, this overview looks at how cider was historically made, its presence and importance in Pennsylvania, and where it’s heading today.


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Did Prohibition Prohibit Cider?
Prohibition is often blamed for abruptly ending American cider, yet it didn’t change our taste for beer, wine, or spirits. Find out how Prohibition did and did not change our cider culture.


Old Cider in New Bottles: Researching and Recreating Historic Cider
Lots of people say they recreate historic cider, but it’s not as simple as just looking at old recipes. This presentation showcases how recreating cider is about the whole journey from ingredients and recipes to processes and equipment.

Never Far From the Tree, or Recent Cider Trends That Aren’t So Recent
Discover how current cidermaking trends are often revived past practices.

Cider Manuals

Living History Demonstration
Using reproduction tools, early artwork, and period clothing, this presentation is suitable for living history and trade and craft events. Target time period is the 1770s, but the content is appropriate for colonial and early Federal America.





Mark Turdo is the best kind of speaker. He combines a passion for scholarship with a storyteller’s flair, engaging his audience with wit, erudition, and infectious enthusiasm. We had the pleasure of hosting him at the Sigal Museum and hope he comes back for more.

Carey Birgel, Executive Director

Northampton County Historical and Genealogical Society
Sigal Museum


Mark at 2d PA Cider Fest

Mark presenting at the second annual PA Cider Fest

By day, Mark A. Turdo is a museum curator at the newly-opened Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia, but at night (and on weekends) he researches and writes about cider history and recreates historic ciders. He has presented for civic groups, museums, and festivals, including the 2016, 2017, and 2018 Pennsylvania Cider Festivals, Pour the Core Philadelphia cider festival, CiderFest at Fairmount Park, Philadelphia Cider Week, the Sigal Museum, Pennsbury Manor, and the Schwenkfelder Library and Heritage Center.