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A Spotlight for Pommel Cyder & Kicking Off Philly Cider

This past Tuesday the PA Cider Guild featured Pommel Cyder in their series spotlighting their associate members. Thanks to the Cider Guild for all of the opportunities they’ve offered and for highlighting Pommel Cyder.

Spotlight on Pommel

Also this past Tuesday, the first-ever Philly Cider week kicked off. Ironically, it was through my day job that I got to be part of it. The museum hosted several PA cidermakers and Hank Frecon (pronounced fray-con, as I learned) and I co-presented on PA cider then and now. It was a good talk with a very interested audience. I was fortunate to meet or reconnect with several cidermakers whose stuff I enjoy.

History After Hours-Cider Week 23 October 2018

Not shown in this photo, all the other people in the room. Courtesy of Olga and Brian Dressler, of Dressler Estate.

With events through Wednesday, October 31st, there’s till time to check out Cider Week


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Pommel’s 2018 Cider Season

I have way too much cider left to make more this year. Or that’s what I’m told anyway.

It’s true, I made a lot of cider last year. So much so that I have just over 20 gallons of it left, some of it still in bulk storage. That’s not counting the seven or so cases remaining from the previous vintage.

This means a few things if I’m going to continue making every season – I need to figure out how much is a “reasonable” amount to make each year; I need more bottles; and, clearly, I need to share with others more often.

Since I’ve decided to not make anything this fall, I’ll spend the time researching, writing, and collecting recipes instead. I also want to read up on wild yeast, look at the state of cider and the state of cider history, and rework at least one post for publication in an historical journal. I’ll also continue to offer talks and demos as the opportunity arises.

More importantly, I need to figure several things out – who has the heritage apples I’m looking for? Do I make the house-favorite ciders in three- or five-gallon batches? Do I make three- or five-gallon experimental batches? Do I have the space to start using barrels?

So for now, it’s time to think all the thoughts and hit the books.



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