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We’re Back, and We Have the 2017 Cyders

It’s been two years since I last made cyder. In 2016 we moved again (for the second time in 12 months) and shortly after the move I took a new job with an extended commute. There was certainly interest, but there just wasn’t time or energy to make cyder. This fall is calmer, so the cyder can flow.

This year’s line-up includes:

  • Honey wheat cyser (6 gallons; potential ABV 11.5%)
  • Northern spy (3 gallons; potential ABV 6%)
  • Golden russet (5 gallons; potential ABV 8.5%)
  • Raw blend (1 gallon; potential ABV 7%)

The warning on the golden russet jugs should really read, “for fermentation only”

There are also three new cyder experiments:

  • Arkansas black (1 gallon; potential ABV 3% – seems low, but this is what the hyrdometer read each time)
  • Cherry cider (3 one-gallon test batches of varying proportions of cherry juice to cider; potential ABV 7.5%)
  • Boiled cider (3 gallons; potential ABV 11.5%)


2017 Ciders

All told there are 22 gallons of cyder going.


With the 2017 cyders underway, I have time to plow through all of the research I’ve been amassing. I have various receipts and recipes to review, several decades of eighteenth-century cider inventories to transcribe, and an ever-growing collection of references to cider at war, among other researches. Fortunately, there’s just enough 2015 cyder left to keep me inspired until the spring bottling.

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