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Damn the torpedoes….FULL SPEED AHEAD!

Congratulations to Damien and the Blackledge Winery! Their federal winemaking permit was approved and the research winery will begin production soon.

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Pearless Perry and 1723 Cyder Bottled

August was so busy stocking up on other people’s cider and planning my own fall production that I’m just now getting around to the cyders I planned to bottle weeks ago. On Monday I bottled one of the perries started in December 2013 and the Honey Wheat cyder started in February.

September 2014 cider

Perry on the left and the honey wheat on the right.

The honey wheat cyder, which is based on an 1723 receipt, is in the running to be the new household favorite. J tasted it and immediately smiled. This is always a good sign. It finished like a dry wine, though it’s only 6% ABV (if the vinometer is to be believed).

The Knudsen & cider yeast perry has a brown sugar taste, despite having no brown sugar in it, a strong sweetness at the back, and no pear or perry taste. At 4.5% (again, according to the vinometer), it’s thin and bland.

I said above that this is ONE of the perries I made. It’s one of four I made at the same time, three of which didn’t make it to bottling. Due to their being meh in every way, they were banished to the drain. It hurt, but it was best for all concerned.

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