A Revolutionary Proposal: Room at the Table for Everybody

The Pennsylvania Cider Guild celebrates July 4th with their “Cider: Fuel of the Revolution” campaign. One of the goals of the Guild is to get cider a spot at the table as the all-American drink alongside apple pie, the all-American food.

Perhaps there’s a slightly more revolutionary addition to suggest – why doesn’t the PA Cider Guild, and all American cider organizations, do as the state of Pennsylvania and 46 other states and the District of Columbia have done already and recognize Juneteenth as an independence day alongside the 4th of July?

Juneteenth celebrates the announcement of General Order #3 from the Union Army in Galveston, Texas on June 19th (Juneteenth), 1865. While it’s not the only contender for celebrating African American freedom, it’s one of the milestones in ending legal slavery in America.

A picnic at Eastwoods Park celebrating Juneteenth.
Credit Grace Murray Stephenson, Austin History Center, PICA 05477B.

If cider is going to reclaim it’s role as the drink of the people and honor our revolutionary roots, it needs to honor all Americans’ fight for freedom. Surely there’s room at the table for everybody.

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