Cider Audiences Are Ripening

I was standing at the front of the room noticing heads bobbing up and down in recognition and agreement. This was new.

When I first started offering cider history presentations a few years ago it was different. Most of the audience’s comments were about how people either hadn’t really tried cider or how they liked Angry Orchard. Most of their questions were the kinds you might hear in a modern bottle shop: how sweet was the cider, how strong was it, how long could it be stored?

Recently, that’s changing. Audiences are more conversant with cider and cider’s history (even if at times that “history” is created by advertisers and tale-tellers). Our conversations are suddenly about cider economics, apple varieties, and fermentation preferences, among many others. Their growing awareness makes my work more accessible and interesting to audiences.

Happily, this suggests that American cider audiences are maturing. It also means I need to update my talks a little faster now.

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