What Came Out of a Bottle of Cyser

I was my normal careful self. I pulled the bottle of honey wheat cyser off the shelf and tried not to shake it. I quickly poured it into two glasses, one for J. and one for me. As I put them down I noticed, because I was so careful, that they weren’t exactly similar.

The glass on the left is the first pour and the glass on the right is the second pour.  Though they look different, they tasted the same.

It’s not surprising that some of my cyders and cysers are cloudy. None of them are filtered. But I didn’t expect to find such a striking difference in a pint bottle.

In the name of science, we had to experiment. A second bottle was opened, but this one was gently shaken first.

Our Findings: These tasted just like the first two.

Historically many ciders were unfiltered, and such stratigraphy was probably not an uncommon part of the cider-drinking experience.


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