Bottling Cyser When There Are Not Enough Bottles

As we’ve said before, one of the Cydery’s goals is to do things as inexpensively as possible. Which is why this spring’s bottling presented a bit of a challenge.

The six gallons of honey wheat cyser started in December was finally ready to bottle. Last year’s big batch required 43 bottles. This year’s cyser was fuller than that, so I’d probably need more.

A very full six-gallon carboy.

Between last year’s and this year’s cyders, there weren’t enough empty bottles in the house to hold it all. I use pint-sized bottles. They come in cases of 12. I have six cases of blue (72) and two of clear (24), for a total of 96.

Like monsters and crazy aunts, they live in the attic waiting…

My first thought was I needed to buy another case or two. But then I realized I had 16 one-gallons jugs laying about, most of them empty. So instead of spending money and space on new bottles, I decided to transfer three gallons into the jugs and put the rest in the flip-tops.

This cyser will keep here until they’re bottled or there’s one helluva party.

This batch is the third honey wheat cyser I’ve made so far. Unlike the previous batches, I was heavy-handed with the honey this time around. It fermented out to 11.5% ABV. Which is fantastic, but I really shouldn’t keep drinking it by the pint.


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