Bottling Single Varietals & Word Association

She calls it the potato cyder. To her Golden Russet reminds her of a potato rather than an apple. She relishes potatoes.

Over the weekend J. and I bottled the single-varietal cyders started last November.

Three gallons of Golden Russet.

One & a half gallons of Gravenstein.

When I first mentioned the Golden Russet cyder was about to be bottled, she said, “Oh, the potato cyder.”

She didn’t have anything for the Gravenstein (however, the WordPress spell check keeps making Frankenstein references).

Bottling means cleaning and sanitizing and the more cyder you make the more you have to clean.

It helps to empty one bottle while filling others.

As usual J. helped out, this time with sanitizing the bottles.

She vetoed the picture, taken moments before this, of her sticking her tongue out at me.

We cleaned, sanitized, and filled 31 bottles.

L – 21 Bottles of Golden Russet Cyder
R – 10 Bottles Gravenstein

J. is unhappy that I didn’t label it “Potato Cyder” instead.


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