My Brother-In-Law Reviews a Cyder

Over Christmas (I think it was Christmas) I left a pint of cyder with my brother-in-law and a request that he let me know his honest opinion about it. It was an earnest request. And one I forgot about.

Last week a package arrived with the empty bottle and the following note:

Enjoyed it during the Super Bowl. Great flavor, almost a “champagne” flavor without as much bubbles – smooth after flavor.

Only comment, not criticism, would be not quite enough “apple cider” flavor. That’s just me, I like apple cider. What do I know?

His comments are both kind and common. Kind in that he didn’t hate it (I don’t know his preferences so wasn’t sure this would be to his liking) and he seemed to taste what I thought was there. Common because many people think drier ciders don’t taste sufficiently of apples. The equally common response to that is wine doesn’t taste like grapes, so why should cider taste of apples?

I’m glad he enjoyed it (and that he returned the bottle).


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