Mystery of the Foggy Bottom Solved

The foggy bottom has finally been cleared up. You might remember that one of the 2014 cysers (using Trader Joe’s juice, honey, and ale yeast) developed a viscous layer of goo during secondary.

It looked like this.

It looked like this.

It’s called pectic gel, and it’s an extreme form of pectic haze. Pectic gel occurs at the end of fermentation (it requires alcohol) in juice with a lot of pectin in it. Trader Joe’s juice has lots of pectin and that explains why it happened in secondary.

The solution came from Claude Jolicoeur’s The New Cider Maker’s Handbook. He also said there’s nothing to be done when it happens. You just have to rack the clear cider off the gel, but then you can use the gel in the kitchen. I wonder if it would make a good bread spread?


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