The Trader Joe’s Cyser Part III, The Honey Wheat Cyder, and the Perry

It finally worked and the key seems to be time. The third Trader Joe’s cyser, started back in May, didn’t develop a foggy bottom like the last one had. Everything was the same, except I let this batch sit in primary a little longer than usual.


It fermented clear and dry, which is what I wanted, but it also means it won’t carbonate in the bottle like the last batch did.

In October I started two new batches, another honey wheat cyser and a perry with orchard juice. I let them sit in primary for six weeks to see if the honey wheat stopped fermenting and the perry cleared more. Neither happened. The honey wheat was still bubbling ever so slightly and the perry remained hazy. They were racked into secondaries this past Wednesday. The honey wheat will sit until March and the perry until May.


l – Honey Wheat
r – Perry

While racking I took a taste of each of them. The perry has a much better feel and taste than the previous ones, which were not good. The honey wheat had a sweetness and fullness to it that I wasn’t expecting, since the previous one came out like a dry white wine.

Now I’m waiting for the last six gallons of orchard juice to come in. In the meantime, I need to figure out what cyder we want six gallons of.


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