Without a Drop or a Dollar Lost

One of the Cydery’s goals is to do as much as possible as inexpensively as possible. That means not buying things that aren’t going to either help make the cider better or the cidering process more efficient.

For example, a few months back I bought a bottling wand. It made bottling easier, faster, and cleaner. It also only fit my small siphon. Like so many things in brewing, when you increase the size of your brewing vessels, you need to increase the size of your brewing tools. Luckily, long before I needed to use it, I realized that the wand wasn’t going to fit my larger carboy-sized siphon .

Since I really didn’t want to buy another bottling wand to fit my siphon or another siphon to fit my bottling wand, I decided to try an experiment with what I already had. I cut a short length of 3/8″ tubing, which fit the bottling wand, with a pair of scissors.

Or you could use this to nip a little off.

I put the wand into the 3/8″ tubing and then pushed them into the siphon’s 7/16″ tubing as far as they would go, like this:

It worked perfectly. We bottled with it last week without a  loss of any kind. Just the way we like it.


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