Where To Put 55 New Bottles?

I can’t believe it’s been almost a month and half since I last posted anything. I’d ask where the time went, but I know: a couple of big projects at work and a couple of big illnesses (nothing chronic, just really nasty infections). Fortunately, cidering, unlike blogging, is low maintenance, which means I don’t need to be present for progress.

Yesterday we bottled the November ciders, which included a 6-gallon batch and two 1-gallon test batches. From these 8 gallons we got 55 pint bottles:

Including, from L-R:
43 bottles of Solebury juice, sugar, rasins, & cider yeast (8.5% ABV)
6 bottles of Solebury juice with light brown sugar & cider yeast (7.5% ABV)
6 bottles of Trader Joe’s juice with light brown sugar & cider yeast (8.5% ABV)

Happily, J. liked all three right away. In the past she’s been hesitant about new ciders, but not this time. No, this time she was trying to figure out which she liked more, not which she felt was simply drinkable. These were noticeably less yeasty than many previous batches. I used proportionally less yeast per batch than I have in the past.

Now the only problem we have is where to put it all. Besides these 55, we still have a dozen bottles of earlier cider. Our regular storage shelf reached capacity pretty quickly:

So we made space on a lower shelf:

IMG_0778 editAnd then we put some on the fermenting shelf:

Finally, the remaining few wound up tucked away in the “emergency” shelf above the kitchen cabinets:

Next month I’ll be bottling the first of the perries. I’ll start making room for them as soon my Amoxicillin prescription runs out.


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