I’m Out Of Patience and Space

If you’ve been reading along, you know that last month I started a test batch of perry. For reasons I still don’t understand, while it was in primary fermentation it separated into a hazy upper layer and a cloudy bottom layer. To avoid transferring the cloudy layer, I only racked the upper two-thirds into secondary fermentation. Now I’m watching it closely because it has a lot of head space, making it vulnerable to oxygen exposure which could turn it to vinegar.

Rather than sit and wait to see what happens (will the perry come out? will I like it?), I jumped right into experimenting with new pear juices and yeasts, because why not?

Besides, they looked so lonely on the shelf.

I put together four test batches, using two kinds of pure pear juice and two kinds of yeast.

They are, l-r:
Knudsen juice & WL cider yeast
Gerber juice & WL cider yeast
Knudsen juice & Nottingham ale yeast
Gerber juice & Nottingham ale yeast

The few true perries I’ve had (that is fermented pear juice, not fermented apple juice with pear flavoring) were made from nothing more than juice and yeast. Pear juice has more sugars, including more unfermentable sugars, than apple juice. When fermented, perry finishes a bit sweeter than cider. Which is why I didn’t feel the need to add sugar to these.

I also didn’t take any hydrometer readings. I planned to. I bought this combination wine thief/tester:

It’s supposed to make taking hydrometer readings less wasteful by allowing you to take a quick sample, measure the juice, and put it back into the jug. Since I’m making small test batches I don’t always take readings because I don’t want to sacrifice any juice. Unfortunately, the juice levels in the gallon jug weren’t high enough to get any hydrometer readings. I’d guess, however, it works great with three gallon carboys or larger.

The cydery is now at capacity, or so J. has told me. Nothing else can be started until all of this is bottled.

“This,” by the way, amounts to about 14 gallons of cider and perry.



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2 responses to “I’m Out Of Patience and Space

  1. Damian Siekonic

    Do you have a refractometer? It takes very accurate sugar/Brix/P.A. readings using only a few drops. Also, the S.G. reading of a hydrometer can be thrown off by the presence of solids in the juice. Bought mine cheap on eBay years ago.


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